Monday, February 28, 2011

Scrub Jay Winter

We've gotten over two feet of snow in the past several days and have had numerous power outages because the snow is not the powder that we usually get, but heavy, wet stuff. I hate the smell of kerosene lanterns, but I hate the noise the generator makes even more. I won't use candles because candles and cats are a sure recipe for disaster. Of course, if the power stays off too long, DH wants to turn the generator on to keep the stuff in the freezer and fridge from going bad. My method is to fill a couple of large ice chests with snow and stick the stuff in there, lock the lid down tight so the raccoons can't get to it, and stick it back outside. In weather like this, it's colder outside than our refrigerator is even when the power is on! I have to admit, though, that if the power is off for more than four or five days, I'm willing to suffer the noise of the generator. Looking at the lack of 'mod cons' as a challenge to be overcome isn't quite as much fun as it was when I was younger.
This Scrub Jay is an unusual visitor to the feeders in winter. I see them more in the warm months than the cold ones. Like everyone else, he's probably confused by the off again, on again winter we've been having.


  1. Love the vibrant blue of the scrub jay! Hoping you get your power back soon..

  2. They're pretty birds; I wish we saw more of them. The power is behaving much more reliably now. (Knock on wood).

  3. Okay..I love your blog...I'm in

  4. We don't have those scrub jays around here. It's a lovely picture. I do hope you get your electricity back quickly. We really don't realize how much it's part of our lives until it's gone. Like you, I don't find these things much fun anymore either.

  5. OC, when I was young I used to think it was so much fun when the power went out. Now I think electricity is one of the greatest things ever.


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