Monday, May 14, 2012

A Belated Mother's Day Gift

The best kind!  I haven't seen Mr. Darcy, one of the feral cats, since October of 2010 and I had guessed that he had passed away.  But he showed up this afternoon, sitting in his 'asking for food' spot and giving me his 'well, I'm here and I'm hungry, hurry up' look! When I called to him, he came, meowing, and sat down about two feet from me, which was exactly the way Mr. Darcy would do.  I couldn't really believe it was really the same kitty until I got back in the house and compared this cat's appearance to a photo of Mr. Darcy (the one above, taken in 2008).  He has the exact same notches in his ear, the same large orange freckle on the left side of his nose, and the same orange band around the top of his left leg. The only thing that had changed was the size of the two large round things on his bottom. They have shrunk considerably, so I'm guessing that someone finally managed to catch him and have him neutered.  I wish he could talk!  He didn't look thin, in fact he looked like someone has been taking good care of him, which made me even more ecstatic.  What a happy day!


  1. That is such wonderful news !!!! What a great cat and a great name; )
    Have a magical day !!!

  2. Is his meow just that little bit more squeaky? Ha. Heartwarming story, Victoria. Animals seem to know you.

    I'm really curious to know whether you took the picture of the moutain lion, and if so, how close you were.

  3. What a wonderful story ! I love this ... we have four kitties ourselves and I love them all. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Happiness to ALL ... especially to Mr. Darcy !

  4. Totally awesome!!!
    So glad Mr. Darcy is doing well. In the late 90's I lived way out in the middle of now where and was adopted by some feral cats. I called them the Guthrie pride. The boys tended to fair better than the girls survival wise. The boys would wander off ever so often on kitty adventures but eventually fine thier way back.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. I can't believe how many of your posts I've missed. I've been very busy what with the lovely weather. Anyway, what a fantastic surprise to see this Mr. Darcy show up. He obviously never forgot you. If only he could talk.


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