Thursday, June 7, 2012

Not Again!

The black kitty on the right is Stella when she was a kitten, but her look captures perfectly how I feel.  My computer got the SAME virus that it had a couple of weeks ago.  SCREEEEEEM!!

When I got it back this time, it didn't have all my photos in it where they should be, so I'm hunting through the hard drive, finding them from the list I have on Seagate (thank God/dess I backed everything up).  When I copy them to the proper folder it makes 3 separate copies in a different file.  If I delete even one of these copies, they ALL disappear.  FOREVER! 

So I'm finding that screaming every now and then acts like a pressure release valve.  Plus, it scares the heck out of my husband .... and that always makes me laugh! 



  1. Commiserations, Victoria, but I've never known a woman yet who had to scream to scare her husband. Saying his name in That Tone of Voice usually does the trick. I like all the new pictures, by the way, especially the Californian poppies.

  2. JJ, you made me laugh and I really needed that today. Thanks!

  3. I love your studio and garden and your crations.
    So lovely with beutiful colours.
    The picture of the black kitten, says it all. LOL
    Love and hugs
    Eva Agnes


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