Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This isn't a current picture; I took it in November of 2010.  I'm soooooo impatient for the autumn colors to arrive, but I'm afraid that this year they might not be so great.  Two of the dogwood trees on my property have many leaves that are just turning brown and dropping off!  I hope all the deciduous trees don't behave like these two trees.  It's just been too darn hot up here, although today we did get a little rain.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping we get a lot more rain, we need it.


  1. Things are just a bit on the dry and crinkley side leaf-wise here too...
    You blog banner is idyllic !!

  2. It's really dry here but maybe we will all be surprised as to what Mother Nature has in store for us. I love all the colors, sounds and smells of autumn also.

  3. B'ham and Linda, here's hoping we all get the rain we need!

  4. Oh, and thank you, B'ham. I took that photo down by Lake Gregory a few years ago of one of my favorite oak trees.

  5. Autumn is just starting to touch the leaves here. It's such a lovely time of the year.

  6. We finally got some very welcome rain and cooler weather with it. No real color yet but a few leaves are turning...


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