Saturday, September 29, 2012

Meet Miss Gloria

This is little Miss Gloria sitting beside her big brother Georgie.  I named her for Gena Rowlands' character in the movie 'Gloria.'  (Forget about the remake with Sharon Stone, it's horrible).  Gena Rowlands' Gloria is strong, feisty, brave and doesn't take any crap from anybody...just like my Gloria.

She's soooo tiny!  A couple of weeks ago, two demons masquerading as sweet little girls talked me into taking her.  I was planning on placing her with a friend but they had just adopted a kitten two days earlier.  So, I'm her Mom now and that officially puts me in 'the crazy cat lady' league.

Merlin loves her and she loves Merlin.  Malcolm (not in this photo) has yet to warm up to her.

She loves to play with these faux flowers and anything else in the house she can get her darling little destructive paws on.

"No, I will not leave them alone, Mama!  I can't resist them."

"Well, maybe just for a minute, because...

What is that thing you have in your hands? 

And, why is it pointed at me?  Oh, to take my picture?
Well, okay then, I'm going back to playing with MY flowers." 
(Blogger, just so you know, I hate it when you mess up the spacing in my posts)!


  1. What a cutie! You're set for Halloween now!

    I'm looking forward to getting some kittens maybe in December or January -- once I'm past my knee replacement surgery. Can't wait!

  2. Thanks for sharing your new princess...she is absolutely precious! I have been dreaming of my black cat ghost lately...missing his warm body that left me a few years ago.

  3. Thanks, Vicki. I hope your knee surgery goes well.

    Barbara, thank you. Our beloved ones that pass from this world...they never really leave us, do they? I hope your dreams of him bring you comfort.

  4. Seems strange when you get to that stage of life where you and your older cats and your things have settled in comfortably.
    Everything in its place (even if it IS haphazardly arranged-like at my house).
    Then you get a baby kittnehy...
    And suddenly they takeover everything & it becomes theirs... and then they torment you with it !!
    Dont'cha Love it ?!?

  5. Oh, we so do love our kitties ... no matter how old they get they are always out little ones ... I don't know what we would do without them ... and always doing something naughty and nice.

    Love always,


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