Friday, November 2, 2012

Faeries Friday - The Truth About Chimney Sparks

My youngest great-great niece, Elizabeth, is spending the week-end with me.  Earlier this evening, while a cold little wind wandered around outside, we had watched our favorite movie "Fairy Tale: A True Story" with cats curled on our laps (when they weren't trying to sneak a taste of the whipped cream on top of our hot chocolate) and dogs begging for bits of peanut butter cookies at our feet.

As I was tucking her into bed in her favorite attic bedroom, the one with the sloping ceilings, a tiny fireplace and a window seat that overlooks the stream, she asked me this question: "Auntie V, can faeries really fly down the chimney like they do in the movie?  Why don't they get burned?"  I replied, "Well, of course they can!  And they don't get burned because they're magical.  They fly back up the chimney, too, only they're usually moving so fast and twinkling so brightly, that most people think they are sparks from their fireplace." 

Just as I finished speaking, I saw her eyes widen and her little mouth become a round 'O' of wonder.  I quickly turned to look out the window behind me and saw, in the purple tinted air of almost night, a shining, twinkling flight of bright Faeries swirling past the window. 

"I saw them, Auntie V, I saw them!  Did you?"  I replied, "Yes, my darling girl, I saw them, too." 

Now, I know some of you may think they were only sparks from the fireplace, but Elizabeth and I . . . well, we know the truth.


  1. Very enchanting! Thank you for such a heartwarming post!

  2. I'm so glad you liked it, Pumpkin Cottage!

  3. You made memories and dreams that will last her a long time...

  4. Oh, my! What a wonderful story and a lovely picture! Your little guestroom sounds completely idyllic.

  5. Thanks Vicki, I'm glad you liked it.


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