Monday, November 26, 2012

Re-reading Books

"Sometimes I just HAVE to re-read a book.  Even if I have new ones, the old ones call to me."  Anonymous

Are you like this, too?  For me, re-reading a favorite book is like visiting with a beloved friend (or lots of them) that I haven't seen in a long while.  I tend to re-read favorite books when I'm stressed or just because it happens to be a certain time of the year and a particular book just fits that time of year. 

 It's a good thing I'm a fast reader (don't go by the 'what I'm reading now' thing in my sidebar; usually by the time I get around to changing it, I've read eight or nine books beyond that book).  Also, I'm never without a book, or my Kindle.  My sister, who is not a reader (people are always shocked by how different we are and how close we are in spite of those differences) says, "Honestly, Victoria, you're the only person I've ever known who thinks it's perfectly all right to read while sitting at the dining room table!"  My reply to her never varies.  "So, you didn't know our mother?"  I ask, and then we always laugh. 

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told him I wanted him to completely cover the dining room walls with beautiful shelves for books.  Here's hoping... 


  1. How wonderful for you ... I used to love to read all the time, but somehow that's been knocked out of me with life's trials and tribulations ... don't know why being upset did that to me but it did. It takes all I can muster just to read my favorite blogs (yours in one as you might have guessed). I think it's called depression, and I try each and every day to make the best of things ... one moment at a time. I love the idea of books wall to wall, believe it or not my daughter and I do have a ton of books from years past.

    Love and Light,

  2. I'm totally like this, too. In fact, The Thirteenth Tale is one of the books I read at least once every year.

  3. (((((((((((( Jan )))))))))) I'm sending you lots of good wishes for your depression to lift and for you to regain your love of reading.

    Magaly, I read the Thirteenth Tale once a year, too. I love it.


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