Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Computer Was Murdered!

I'd post a picture of the perpetrator, but I'm using my husband's computer right now and I don't have access to my photos.  The little stinker who murdered my computer was my darling little Gloria, the little black kitten that is the newest addition to our family.  She jumped up to the top of my laptop monitor (it was open), causing the whole thing to crash down from my desk to the floor.  I'm so grateful that it didn't fall on her because she could have been badly injured.

After 3 intensely frustrating hours on the phone with Dell, they finally told me that FedEx would come to pick up my computer and take it to them.  They think (hope) it can be fixed...for a little over $350.00.  I was so rattled that I didn't think to ask them if I would get my money back if it can't be fixed. 

So, when my husband isn't using his computer, I will be visiting your blogs but I probably won't be posting anything on mine. 

Thank goodness I have everything backed up to an external hard drive, because I've heard some scary stories about Dell's service department.  I've also heard some good stories about them, too, so I'm going to think positive thoughts and hope that my own dear purple 'puter will be back here soon with all damage fixed. 


  1. Thank you so much for the good wishes.Kittens are good at making a mess of things but are so nice to have around when they grow up.I do hope all will be fixed for you in good time.Denise

  2. oh no! Those kitties can cause havoc.....but they don't mean it
    ...good luck with dell....I have a dell that I want to throw out the window....'nuff said

  3. Oh, dear! But, as you say, at least the kitty wasn't hurt. Best wishes for a quick recovery!

  4. Murdered you say!!! The little dickens, lol. Really though, sorry to hear about your computer but as you say the little kitty wasn't hurt so that's a good thing.


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