Friday, December 7, 2012

Faeries Friday - Christmas Faeries

My studio was full of sparkles and stars today (no, I didn't hit my head on anything...honest).  I'm sure the sparkles were made by the Christmas Faeries who are everywhere this time of year, zipping about sparkling the world with Christmas happiness.  If you see a tiny twinkle from the corner of your eye, or think you've spotted a stray piece of glitter, chances are good that you've caught a glimpse of a Christmas Faery. 

There is one sure way to tell, however, if you've been in the presence of a Christmas Faery: you'll feel a nearly overwhelming feeling of joy, quickly followed by an absolutely irresistible urge to go out and commit random acts of kindness.

I hope the Christmas Faeries visit you!


  1. Finally caught up reading your wonderful blog ... I'm slowing down with the blog stuff ... but I do have a few favorites and yours is one of them. What a delightful post. I see and feel the fae folk all the time.

    Love and Light,

  2. There is sparkle and glitter everywhere I look so I must be surrounded by faeries and I do feel like commiting random acts of kindness. Beautiful post. Happy holidays. Hugs

  3. Thanks, a reminder to slow down and look for the fairies is definitely in order.

  4. Jan, thank you, I just knew the Fae love you.

    Maddyrose, you're definitely getting visits from the Christmas Faeries!

    Barb, I'm glad you liked this post, thank you.

  5. Dear Victoria - your sparkles are truly awesome and I love the idea of participating with the Christmas Faeries as well. I am going out to spread some cheer. Have a great day.


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