Thursday, January 10, 2013

Chickadee Gratitude

"Oooh...what's that I see?  Is it delicious, tasty peanuts?" 

"It is!   I'll just...what's that lady doing?"

"Taking my picture!  Of all the nerve!  If I didn't have my beak full, I'd tell her a thing or two!"

"I'm outta here...."  

Well, he's a cute little Chickadee, even if he is a bit rude.  Who does he think puts out all those "delicious, tasty peanuts" anyway?


  1. Dear Victoria - this post really made me smile - I do love chickadees - we have them here in Ohio too and I think of them as all dressed up in their tuxedos. Thanks for making my heart happy tonight - God Bless

  2. Smile -- I've noticed that none of our 'customers' at the bird feeders never seem grateful. On the contrary, they are quite annoyed if we are late getting out there with the morning supply of seed.

  3. Vicki, mine are the same way...we're just servants to animals, lol.

  4. Debbie, I like that..."dressed up in their tuxedos." I'm glad they made you happy!


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