Saturday, January 5, 2013

We're Not Going Anywhere!

The last day of Christmas is tomorrow (if you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas) but Mouseford Falls and it's inhabitants will be around until February.  It's set up in the kitchen greenhouse window and it's such a cheerful sight...sometimes they even stay through March, if March is a particularly blustery and grey month.  It was snowing when I took this photo and I hope we get lots more of the white stuff.

Now I'd better get outside and put out more peanuts and water for the birds and scatter seeds and peanut bits for the real mice that live in the real Mouseford Falls by the creek and in the woods around my cottage.  They're all very hungry this time of year!


  1. beautiful :) both the house and you (for thinking about the birds and the mice in this winter)

  2. So glad you're getting snow; long may Mouseford endure!


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