Friday, May 24, 2013

A Faeries Friday Full Moon in May

I thought She looked especially magical tonight.  I am always intrigued by the lighter, brighter spots on Her and, even though I know the scientific explanation for them, I choose to ignore it.  I like my great-great grandniece's explanation: "They're the lights from the villages of the Moon Faeries, of course!"   Emma is going on 10 and I worry that her wonderful imagination will be submerged under peer pressure soon.  Maybe I shouldn't worry though...just last week she told me that she felt so sorry for kids who were starting to lose their belief in magic, or never believed in it at all.  Like me, Emma finds magic in the most mundane things, she finds the wonder in all that the Great Spirit created, so maybe I'm worrying for no reason.  Unfortunately, worrying is one of the things I do best; I'm so happy that Emma didn't inherit that trait!


  1. It was indeed a joy to have La Luna grace my 50th birthday with such beautiful luminance on Friday. I felt blessed.

    I think it sounds like Emma will be one of the special ones who will always knowingly hold magic in her heart throughout her life.
    An "old soul" will always stay true to the old beliefs. It's in the very fibres of being - and it can never be taken away or suffocated.
    Even if for a brief time, she might seem to lose her way in "the difficult teenage years", she'll be gently guided back by her strong ancient instincts.
    I know, I had the same situation with my now 22 year old son.
    To witness the calm and knowing "return" was heart warming.
    They know who they are, and they always return.

    And, worrying seems to be natural for us earth guardians of these children :)

  2. Vicki, I think you were blessed by La Luna! Thank you for your words about Emma, they eased my worrying a bit. Good to know your son returned after the teenage years.


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