Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beautiful Blues

This is a Baby Blue Eyes blossom.  They're only about the size of a dime and they grow in large, low to the ground, mats everywhere up here this time of year.  I have tried to find out the name of the nasty plant growing along side it, to no avail.  All I know about it is that those horrid little fuzzy balls get stuck in my cats' fur every spring and summer and they're really hard to get out!
The photo above, and the two below, are of a Western Bluebird.  They're very shy, so I was thrilled when this one let me get several photos of him.
And,last but not least, an iris...MY iris!!  I have been trying for several years to grow these but have lost them to gophers, squirrels, deer and who knows what else.  But, this one made it! 



  1. How beautiful is your iris?! She looks like she's donned her best ballgown or is a ballerina twirling in the prettiest blue chiffon.

    And your bluebird - what a joy! I adore birds and (again) grew up reading stories and poems about these pretty blue jewels of the northern skies.
    So wonderful to see your photos here, and the clarity is perfect. He is so blue. And I love his orange-buff breast.

    The wonderful Baby Blue Eyes don't occur naturally here, but I used to buy punnets and plant them in my old country garden - they are very sweet.

    We too have a weedy plant over here that has a spiky puffball "flowerhead" that attaches to anything and everything as it's brushed past - the tenacious seeds then split apart and get deep into, and hang, onto what ever carries them - I hate it when they get onto Jack's coat. Gotta spend ages to remove every last bit.

  2. Vicki, I'm so glad you enjoy the photos, because I get so much enjoyment from your beautiful blog.

    My husband laughs at me because I've taken so many photos of my one and only iris (he calls it 'the most photographed iris in California') but who knows if she will come back next year? I wish those fuzzy, sticky balls wouldn't come back but they always do!


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