Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fall in Spring

Spring is still going strong up around the 7,000 foot level. (That's around 2,133 meters...maybe.  I'm not very good at conversions).  This oak tree is just putting out her new leaves... 
A tiny bit of spring masquerading as autumn's bright jewels. 

I even found a clump of daffodils! 

Spring starts her journey at the bottom of the mountains and slowly climbs, so I have the opportunity, if I drive down and follow it up, to catch spring photos for a couple of months.  I do the same thing in reverse for the autumn...start up high and follow it down the mountain.


  1. Vicki - the oak leaves do look a bit like autumn. My daffodils are completely done...must be cooler where you are. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, lots cooler up in the mountains...

  3. Beautiful. Spring surprises and tiny treasures abound on your magic mountain :)

  4. They do, Vicki! If I feel up to a rather strenous hike, I can even find tiny alpine flowers that bloom in the Spring up around the 10,000 foot late July!

  5. How beautiful! And how magical to be able to stretch the seasons so!

  6. Thanks, Vicki, it is magical...lot of driving, though, but worth it.


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