Saturday, June 1, 2013


Can it really be June already?  This year is flying by faster than a Italian race car with its gas pedal glued to the floorboard.  The poppies (California's state flower) and the beautiful blue lupins are blooming on the hillsides. 
Down at Lake Arrowhead, the ducks are doing their thing close to the shore, where they won't get run over by a boat.   

My mama, and every older person I knew when I was a child, used to tell me to "make the most of being young because time goes by faster than you can blink."  I didn't believe them.  Summer lasted forever, then school went on for an eternity until Christmas vacation...time passing by fast?  What were they talking about? 

Now I know.  And, I bet you know, too...don't blink, or it will be November!


  1. You're so right Victoria. Time seems to speed up once we reach a certain age - well, it did for me :)
    What once seemed to, "last for ages", now flies by on transparent, elusive wings, with no hope of catching and slowing it down.
    So, I guess it's important to make every day count as we get older - and from your wonderful photos, it looks like you're doing just that :)
    It must be lovely to be out on such a beautiful body of water as your mountain lake on a sweet sunny day.

    And aren't the stunning poppies and lupins clever? Partnering up as if they had studied the complementary colours on the colour wheel :)

  2. Oh, those beautiful flowers! And as for the increasing speed of time, I read an explanation that made sense to me. When you're young, say five years old, a year amounts to a fifth of your life and seems almost endless. But by the time you're, say seventy, the year is only a seventieth of your life and zooms by, alas.

  3. Vicki, it is lovely to be out on the water in early summer; it can get pretty crowded around the 4th of July and Labor day though.

    Vicki L, I've got a ways to go before I'm 70, but that explanation does make a lot of sense. It's kind of scary to think about how fast time will go if I do reach the age of 70!

    I'm glad both of you liked the photos!

  4. Beautiful pictures, and yeah I I know what they meant, but whether u blink or not, time will run past, all we can do is make the most of what we have.

  5. Dear Victoria - how correct you are...I don't know where May went and it just a short time I will think June rushed by too. Your ducks are truly wonderful to see. Isn't it amazing how serene they glide or seem to but under the water they are paddling fast. Thanks for sharing.


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