Thursday, June 13, 2013

Confused Bloomers

Things are blooming at odd times this year.  The foxgloves down by the little creek bloomed so early they're already starting to look a little bedraggled.
But the wild sweet peas with their delicious scent are a couple of weeks late.
While the Viburnum, or snowball bush, is in full bloom.  Usually at this time of year they're still little chartreuse colored balls; they don't reach the full blown white stage until the end of June. 
The fuchsia plants won't make it through the winters up here, so the nursery usually gets some in . . . around the fourth of July.  I saw this on Memorial Day and took a chance and bought it.  I've had to bring it inside several times since then, but it seems to be holding it's own.  They're kind of a pain to grow, even as annuals, because I have to water them once a day and mist them three times a day, but they're worth it to me.  I always thought they looked like little ballerinas.  And I'm sure the faeries use their petals to make dresses. :)


  1. Nature and her flowery mood swings ;-D

  2. I too Vicki have noted things are not as usual in their growing here either. Generally our peonies are done by this time but due to cooler days they have hung around. Don't you love Foxglove...had some last year but it didn't return so need to plant more - talk about fairy flowers this is certainly one. Have a great day. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beauties, gardners are blessed people, blessed with the magic that life has to offer as flowers. Great work Victoria.

  4. Debbie, I do love Foxglove. Mine don't reseed either, for some reason, so I always have to buy them from the nursery.

    Magaly, thanks for your comment.

    Kyra, thank you, I'm glad you liked my flowers.

  5. Oh, I'm late to the party! :)

    I love foxgloves in a natural setting - medicinal, magical and magnificent!
    The gorgeous white pom-poms of the viburnum are so beautiful. I adore viburnums.

    It's lovely to enjoy these wonderful flowers, whenever they choose to bloom.
    You live among such beauty :)


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