Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I Love Crinkles

I took these photos back in 2010, but I have literally thousands of photos that I've taken through the years, so if I just used the current ones...well, think how many photos would never get their moment in the 'spotlight.'

I love the crinkly texture of the petals of these flowers...

Perhaps because I'm starting to get quite a few 'crinkles' on my own face, lol.  Wait...the title of this post isn't quite accurate, because I don't love the crinkles I'm getting on my face, but I earned every one and I'm proud of every one.  Crinkles from laughing, crinkles from toughing out hard times, crinkles from being outside in all kinds of weather in the forest and on the mountain tops I love.  I just wish that I wouldn't have a new one showing up every few days!


  1. Wonderful pictures. I am so happy I found your blog again. I started blogging again. Not Magpie Hollow anymore, but a new blog.
    Have a great day.

  2. I love crinkles too!
    The crushed taffeta like petals of the poppy my favourite - and also the rock rose.

    Your photos are welcomed, no matter when you took them. I say, post your wonderful archived eye candy whenever you like!

    I've come to love my wrinkles - and premature silver-grey hair. And, like you Victoria, I feel I've earned the right to have them :)
    They tell of the years I've lived, through hard times and good.
    We all have stories to tell - the more wrinkles, the more stories, I believe.

    I adore old, characterful faces. I look at images online of beautiful, weathered and time-worn visages and hope that one day, I will do as much justice to my life and the evidence of it etched on my face, as wonderfully as the dear men and women I see.

  3. M, I'm happy you found me again, too, and I'm happy you're back in 'blogland.'

    Vicki, it makes me happy that you like my photos so much, thank you! And, if I had gorgeous grey hair like yours, I would never, never dye it. My grey is a yucky yellowish grey and I'm not completely grey yet, so I guess I'll stay a red head for a while yet.

  4. Stay a sexy redhead for as long as you like!
    You'll "know" when it's time to let go - I did :)


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