Monday, June 10, 2013

I Hate Teeth

I wish my past week had been as tranquil as this photo looks.  Numerous trips up and down the hill getting my sister to doctor appointments and getting a nasty surprise while my sister and I were having lunch.  I started to bite into a sandwich and felt a very odd sensation in the front of my mouth.  I took the sandwich away from my mouth and there, stuck in the bread, was half of my tooth!  It had a crown on it; the entire crown came off but only part of my tooth was in it.  I was hoping the dentist could reattach it using some sort of dental super glue, or whatever they use, but no such luck.  I have to have oral surgery on the 20th of this month...YUCK.  Then I have to wait for at least four weeks for it to heal so he can put a bridge in, or whatever he's going to do to fix it.  I hate teeth, they just cause no end of trouble!


  1. I am still laughing at your teeth Victoria, but I agree the etch are just troublesome things, the fact they are the reason for those terrorising visits to the dentist is evidence enough!! But jokes apart, do take care.

  2. Oh how terrible Victoria! And, a truly dreadful sensation.

    Yeah, I dislike teeth too, especially when they break.
    I have problems with my back teeth chipping.

    My mother hated her teeth SO much that she had all of them removed in her forties and... never wore dentures! She simply got used to chewing very well (developed tough gums) and smiling with her mouth closed. Lol.

    Thinking of you and sending good energy your way for a successful dental surgery.
    Dentists are scary places.

  3. Dear Vicki - I feel for you - I know I am always needing dental work. My dentist is trying to get rich by putting in crowns (LOL) - how many does one person need - I ask?? Good luck with your surgery. Love your tranquil picture.

  4. Kyra, my sister laughed, too. She said the look on my face was so funny. I imagine it was; I just could not seem to believe what I was seeing, lol.

    Vicki, I think your mother just might have the right idea! I'm afraid I don't have the nerve to do that though...

    Debbie, sometimes I wonder if dentists do things that aren't really needed. How would we know? I think most are very ethical, but there's always the few that give the rest a bad name.

    Thank you all for your good wishes, I'll take them with me on the 20th!


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