Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patience Rewarded

I finally got some pictures of a Great Blue Heron.  I see blue ones and grey ones often at Lake Gregory but they're never very cooperative.  This one was amazingly agreeable!

Showing off her beautiful wings then finally taking off to fly to the other side of the lake when this little boy accidentally scared her.
"There!  Take that, little boy and nosy woman with the camera!"  Unfortunately for her, my camera has a verrrry long lens.
She turned her back and began hunting for fish... 
"Hmmm...nothing over there, nothing here..." 
"Wait...I think...yes...."
"Aha!  Gotcha!" 
Then she resumed her hunt.  I don't know about the little boy, but this was a pretty thrilling experience for me!


  1. Oh how exciting! And so stunning.
    I can certainly relate to such a thrill. There is something very special about capturing on camera such beautiful wildlife in their element.

    Fabulous photos!

  2. I am excited too - what gorgeous pictures of the most beautiful bird. We have gray herons here but I have never seen a blue one. Thank you so much for hanging in there and having the patience to capture this special bird. Have a great day.


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