Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday Sunlight

Sunlight sparkling on the waters of Lake Gregory, Crestline, Ca.  Taken in May of this year. 

On a different note, see that little thing down at the bottom of the photo about half way between the center bottom and bottom right?  It kept appearing in a lot of my photos, but never in the same place or going in the same direction, so I don't think it was dust on the lens.  Maybe a bug following me around?  Or, (and I like this best) perhaps it was a Faery in disguise?  I saw something similar in a photo I took last autumn (I think it was last autumn) but it was green instead of the bluish-white of this one.


  1. What a beautiful, sparkling photo. You are truly blessed to have the lovely Lake Gregory close by.

    And, of course... it's a wee mer-fae, methinks :)

    I keep getting, from time to time, a blue tinged "something" that appears every so often in my pics.

    I like to think the fae folk like to pop up in the odd photo - to keep us intrigued :)

  2. Beautiful and so serene - I like the idea that it is fairy dust too.


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