Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harvest Moon of 2013

The Harvest Moon of 2013 over the path leading into a little meadow.  It's been lovely and cool here the past few days; I think (hope) autumn is finally here.  No rain, but the cool air and gentle autumn breezes that make the air feel even cooler are most welcome!


  1. Lovely photograph. I am sitting here listening to a storm roll through. Getting ready to snuggle into to bed. Hoping the storm sings me to sleep. The Moon was beautiful on the walk home tonight. I love this time of year.

    Blessings of Autumn...


  2. Glad you liked the photo, Viv, thanks. I hope that storm is singing to you...

  3. Absolutely beautiful! It looks so magical, Victoria - like a picture book.
    Of course, it's an enchanted meadow.

    So happy it's cooling down for you. Soon, blessed rains will fall and quench the earth.

  4. Thanks, Vicki. It's amazing what using a tripod will do for shaky hands!

  5. What a marvelous picture! The bit between the trees is like a hand reaching down. I took a few last night but foolishly didn't have my tripod ready -- will try tonight.

  6. Victoria - very that full moon. Hope you do get some rain soon. Take care and have a great week-end.

  7. Vicki, thank you, I'm glad you liked the photo. I hope your photos that you take tonight turn out well.

    Debbie, thank you for the compliment and the rain wishes.


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