Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Few Glimpses of Christmas

...Around our little cottage.  The tree was very different this year, due to the completely insane nature of my five youngest cats, Merlin, Malcolm, Penelope, Priscilla and Alyce.  (You have yet to meet the last three).  I bought all new "shatter-resistant" ornaments for the tree and only put a couple of plastic Hallmark ornaments from years past on it.

The little teapot and the "Merry Christmas" are old; everything else is cat-proof (so far, anyway).  Oh, and the wooden candles that my husband made are very old.  The sterling silver bell is our "dated" ornament from last year.  I figured it was cat-proof.  Things have been so crazy this month and last month I forgot to buy a "dated" ornament for this year!

Only six of the treasured ornaments from my childhood were brought out this year, and I placed them up very high.  The two little cardboard houses hung on my Nonna's Christmas trees, the three Father Christmas ornaments hung on my Godmother's Christmas trees, and the barely-visible-at-the-bottom-of-the-photo aqua glass ornament hung on all of my mother's Christmas trees from the year she married my dad (1927)  until she gave it to me in 1971.  I have a photo, somewhere, showing a three-year old me standing in front the Christmas tree with this ornament hanging on that tree. 

More Christmas around the house:



  1. Oh you do Christmas so well, Victoria!
    How lovely to have sweet reminders to reminisce on as you decorate each year. I can just make out your mother's ornament - from 76 years ago! I found that so touching, and it tugged at my heartstrings.
    Your home is pure magic, and must have the most amazing energy.
    And, the naughty wee kitties would add to it... they must get very excited :D

  2. Thanks, Vicki! Oh, the cats add to it alright, although I'm not sure I'd call what these little demons...err, furbabies, are doing right now "magic." Mayhem, perhaps! :D

  3. Victoria - your tree is are a smart lady regarding your priceless ornaments with mischievous felines - I unfortunately have not been that smart over the years and have found some lovely ones broken. Loved seeing your decorations.


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