Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice/Yule

On this day, every winter, the hours of day and night are equal.  Tomorrow, the amount of daylight will increase a bit every day until the Summer Solstice, when the amount of daylight starts decreasing. 

The Yule log is lit and burning brightly here in my living room fireplace.  It's quiet in the narrow valley where my cottage is tucked in among the pines and cedars, except for the sleepy murmur of the creek and the faint sound of the wheel of the year revolving as Mother Earth turns back to the light of Grandfather Sun.


  1. You sound so content with your life in your cottage safely tucked away in the forest with your animal neighbours. The winter days beginning to lengthen again preparing for the next season.
    Stay safe and warm by your log fire. and enjoy the natural beauty around you, Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. So beautiful !!!
    I see you had a wonderful time.
    Hugs !!

  3. Wishing you a blessedly beautiful Yule, Victoria.
    And heartfelt wishes for a safe 2014 to you and yours, and all the wonderful creatures on your magical mountain.
    Blow a kiss to dear Mrs. Rose and her wee kits too.
    Vicki ♥

  4. Dear Victoria - already the days since the winter solstice seem to be a bit longer...may only be a few minutes but it is nice to know we are going the other way now. Your Yule log looks so inviting. May you have a blessed Christmas!


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