Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Sunlight

Icicles hanging from the roof of the cats' play yard.  The way the light was shining through them caught my attention.


  1. The picture is beautiful. Icicles are kind of a work in progress. One moment they look one way, and then a few hours they are completely different.

    Heidi’s Wanderings

  2. Love your photo of the icicles. We don't get to see them very often where I live in France. I love to be with my son & his family in Denmark for Christmas, as they usually have snow and if it stays cold I get to see the lovely long icicles like you have. I'm pleased you liked my decorations with the music from my book.

  3. I love this photo Victoria - icicles are beautiful. Hope you are staying warm - we have had some ice too. In fact my driveway is a skating rink in spots (LOL)! Take care.

  4. Lovely! I adore icicles and take way too many pictures of them.

    Love the cat painting in the previous post!


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