Friday, January 3, 2014

Faeries Friday - A Tale From the Faery Forest

I caught our poor Snow Faery in a photo while on my early morning walk through the woods.  I was putting out nuts and seeds for the birds, mice and other little creatures that live in this forest when I saw one lone snowflake drift down and melt as soon as it hit the ground.  I looked up, startled, because the sun was shining brightly in a cloudless sky, and that's when I saw her.  I whipped up my camera and quickly clicked, but there was no need to hurry; she was too sad to move quickly.  She waved her wand quite a few times, but only a few snowflakes appeared and those melted before they reached the ground.  I thought I heard a forlorn whisper from her as she faded away: "I'm trying my best, it's just too's just too warm."


  1. I love the way you interpret a few floaty flakes of snow.

  2. Oh dear, I fear the climate change has such dire impact on the fae folk too. It must be very disheartening for them.
    Dear Snow Fairy looks so sad indeed. Such a beautiful yet melancholy expression.

  3. Dear Victoria - I am feeling terribly bad for your sweet faery. If she would come visit me in Ohio she might be happier. Take care and I hope you get some snow soon.

  4. Thanks, Barbara.

    Vicki, I think so, too.

    Debbie, she said your snow faeries should come out here and help her, ha!

  5. You tell such delightful stories. They put a smile on my face. What good fortune to be able to capture the snow fairy with your camera.

  6. OC, thank you, and I'm glad I can make you smile!


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