Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wishing For Snow

That's what I titled this little painting I finished today.  Since the weather won't oblige, I thought I'd just paint some snow!  It's 5"x8", done in alkyds on canvas.  I only used three colors: Lamp Black, Titanium White and a touch of Dioxazine Purple. 

I found myself wishing as I was painting this that I was the sort of person who doesn't pay attention to the seasons.  When the weather doesn't behave as it should, I feel disoriented and out of sorts.  Our rain/snow didn't materialize, and today was sunny with a high of 50 degrees.  Way too warm for January, although our night time lows are where they should be, down in the low 20's.  Meanwhile, my poor friend who lives in Kentucky is so tired of rain, snow and cold she's ready to hop on a plane and come out for a visit!


  1. What a beautiful painting Victoria. I feel I could walk right into it.

  2. Such a beautiful painting Victoria, you captured your heart's desire.
    You know, sometimes wishes and hopes can come true if visualised with enough intent.
    Surely, this beautiful visualisation will manifest snow!
    I truly hope so.

  3. Lovely painting! And only three colors? I'm impressed! Hoping some snow come your way....

  4. Lovely painting, you have such talent.I guess for you it's part of the normal season. Do you need the snow for your water where you live ?
    If it's just to make a true winter view, you'll have to paint on a much bigger canvas and put it on your window ledge.... ha ha.

  5. OC, thank you, it's good to "see" you here again!

    Vicki, I hope you're right about this manifesting snow, and thank you!

    Vicki L, thank you for the snow wishes and the kind comment.

    Barbara, thank you for your kind words. Yes, we most definitely need the snow for water...our reservoirs are getting very low.


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