Thursday, January 2, 2014

Weather for the Birds

I heard on the news tonight that 2013 was the driest year on record for California.  The second driest year?  2012.  The weather guy is saying we might get some rain and snow on Thursday.  I sure hope he's right. 

The birds really like the sunny days.  Probably not the nights, because the lows are in the low to mid-twenties.  Now that I think about it, maybe they don't like the huge temperature swings from day to night any better than I do.  A low of 21 last night and a high today of nearly 60 today is just crazy!  But, if we didn't have to worry about deadly forest fires and running out of water, I have to admit that this weather is pretty nice.  My heart goes out to all the animals and people who are being impacted by the enormous storm in the mid-west and the north-east, and they're all in my prayers.


  1. Dear Victoria - I certainly hope and pray you get moisture soon. I know too what it is like to be in the midst of a drought - very scary. I so love the birds...the one in your picture looks like what we call a purple finch around here (why we call it purple I don't know - they look red to me)! Take care and have a lovely week-end.

  2. Beautiful bird capture! Is it a purple finch or a house finch? Or something else altogether?

    And I hope you get some snow soon!

  3. I will continue to wish for a safe and cool to wet change, Victoria.

    That bird is a stunner too. With his carmine head and mantle. He does look as though he has a finch-like beak.
    Would love to know which bird he/she is.

  4. Thanks Debbie, Vicki L and Vicki, I'm glad you like the photo.

    The bird is a male Purple Finch, we have House Finches here, too, but they're very hard to tell apart. The purple ones are slightly smaller than the house ones, while the House Finches have light brownish stripes down their sides and not as much red on their breasts. But, their coloring is almost identical; whoever named the Purple Finch must have been slightly color blind!


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