Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday's Winding Road

A couple of portions of Highway 18 winding its way up the sides of the San Bernardino mountains.  Look closely, you'll see the tiny cars.  This was taken in May of 2009. 

A closer look.  In the middle right of the photo you can see how the bridge makes a loop like half of an eight laying on its side.  If you take the bridge, you're on Highway 138 and will eventually wind up in Crestline. 

These photos were taken from around 4,000 feet in elevation, and the highest peak in the background in Mount San Jacinto, 10,834 high (3,302 m).


  1. Victoria - this has to be absolutely a beautiful road to drive (wind around) on! Hope you have a beautiful 4th of July!

  2. Oh, my, what views! And I'm feeling just a touch of vertigo....

  3. I am always bowled over by long-shot images of the mountains in your part of the world, Victoria.
    Their sheer majesty are nothing short of awe inspiring.
    I wish I could stand on the ridge and see them for myself - it would take my breath away... if the wind didn't first :)

    The half eight of the bridge makes me think of the symbol for infinity... 8.
    And the thought, "as above, so below" comes to mind.
    Bridges, a threshold and link between the worlds.


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