Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday's Winding Road

I snapped this through the windshield this past spring.  I know I should stop and get out, but time doesn't always let me.

I probably shouldn't be taking photos while driving, either.  Not that I'm looking through the viewfinder; I just hold out the camera in my right hand and snap.  Amazing any of them turn out in any viewable condition at all...especially since the windshield is so spotty!


  1. I really like this photo, Victoria. It seems to promise shaded respite on a warm sunny day. Nice atmosphere.

    Some photos taken through the windshield of a moving car can be surprisingly good. Most of mine aren't - too blurred. But, there is the odd one...

  2. Thanks, Vicki. I think I took about a hundred photos as I was driving and only two were any good at all. But, that's why I love paying for film!


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