Friday, September 19, 2014

Faeries Friday

In the last ray of the setting sun, when the rest of the water is taking on the color of the approaching night, sometimes the Water Faeries appear.  Sometimes they seem to be tiny flecks of gold, or a turquoise mist under the water...but sometimes, rarely, you can see the wings of a Water Faery.  I spotted one, I hope you do, too!


  1. I mostly see the winged faeries, but I have no doubt they love playing in the streams around here! What a lovely post! <3

  2. Lovely image, Victoria.
    No, I see no wing-ed faeries. But... I do spy a mer-fae or two. I glimpse the aquamarine tail of one, and anothers outstretched arms as she glides through the twilit water.

  3. Definitely fairies there. I've no doubt that I have fairies here as well. I've felt their presence. I find they like it best over in the woods by the stream.

  4. Dear Victoria - gorgeous picture and yes I just may have caught sight of one of those fairies too.


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