Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bee Appreciation

I'm always happy to see bees!  Or, even one bee.  There were lots of other bees around but they didn't want their photo taken...


  1. Such a wonderful bright image of sunflower and busy bee. Just lovely.
    I adore bees. I found out years ago that the bee is a power animal of mine.
    I have even incorporated the bee into my clay name/logo.
    And, I've had some wonderful "incidents" with them in the wild - no stinging, just a surreal encounter where I was surrounded by twenty or thirty of them as they landed on me and buzzed around me for a time, then flew away. Wonderful.

    I have much respect for bees, and am sad to see the decline of the honey bee (and their food source) in many areas.

  2. Bees are such cuties as long as you don't step on them! So good to see them around!


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