Wednesday, November 19, 2014

12:44 Today

The Christmas season began in my cottage.  My husband and I started putting out the first of too many decorations.  Every year we say we'll start getting rid of some things...and every year we never do, unless they're actually worn beyond recognition or broken.  Even then, we have a hard time because Christmas things hold so many memories, especially of loved ones who are no longer with us. 

Most things aren't in the places they'll "live" in for the Christmas season yet, including the things in the photo.  We set stuff out, then sort it out while the cats run around saying hello to everything.  What fun!


  1. I've gotten rid of a lot of Christmas decorations, but it was hard! A lot of them were things the kids made, but were just getting destroyed (paper things from school). They said they didn't care whether I kept them or not, so out they went (not everything they made, but some). Enjoy setting up your house for Christmas! I seem to end up doing it alone, I miss having the kids small and willing to at least decorate the tree. Wendy x

  2. How exciting! Really old decorations have memories so that is nice too!

  3. Dear Victoria - I would just love to visit and see all your Christmas treasures. Do you think the kitties would let me come play too. Hope you have a lovely week-end decorating. I am sure it will be beautiful when you and hubby are finished. Have a wonderful week-end and as you place things around hope you will enjoy each precious memory. I think these are what makes Christmas seem so special. Hugs


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