Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Sunsets

It's raining lightly right now - oh, such a beautiful sound - and the weather people predict that we're to get three to four inches of rain on Wednesday!  No snow, which isn't good news for the ski resorts, but this is enough rain (I hope) to put an end to fire least for a little while, anyway...


  1. Beautiful sunset! We've been having some pretty sunsets here too, but when I take a photo, there are just too many hydro wires ruining the shot. You have the BEST view!! I've had to catch up a couple of posts ... I hope those mischievous cats did you no harm. My dog sometimes runs ahead of my on the stairs and trips me up. He's such a shadow to me, I always have to be careful where he is! Wendy x

  2. Oh Victoria - I am grateful you are getting some rain...perhaps snow will come later. Your picture of the sky is gorgeous. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Have a great day and be sure and get an "Ah Moment"! Hugs

  3. Oh, I'm always happy to hear you're having rain!


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