Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Magic Potion


I didn't get a photo of the eclipse (it happened too early in the wee hours of the morning here) but I did get a photo of cherry blossoms in the moonlight.  The lilacs are in bloom right now too, and the scent of the air was intoxicating!  I had a headache when I went out but, after thirty minutes in that air, it was gone.  Cherry blossoms, lilac blossoms and moonlight...a magic air potion to cure what ails you, it seems...


  1. Oh! That is a truly enchanting, mystical, moonlit image!
    How do you manage to get such an amazing night shot, Victoria? Or, is your camera enchanted too :)
    I find it so hard to get good night photos, and yours is a true wonder.

  2. Thanks Vicki, it makes me happy that you liked it! I used a tripod and the night setting on my Canon Power Shot SX40. I have to use a tripod when using the night setting because the lens stays open longer. I also took several shots with my Canon EOS Rebel (so I could set the F stop and shutter speed) and was surprised (and embarrassed) when the photos that I took with the Power Shot turned out better!

  3. Those blossoms look magical! It was pouring down when we had the eclipse!


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