Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Purple and White

And lavender, too!  I wish I could send the scent of these photos to everyone who looks at them! The lilacs have been blooming for nearly three weeks here.
Usually, they only last about a week.
All my lilacs are covered with blooms, which is surprising to me since we've had so very little rain.
Only the white lilacs seemed to have a hard time producing blooms, but the blooms they did make were huge! 
I leave the windows open all day so at night the house still holds the strong scent of lilacs.  It makes for a wonderful night's sleep...


  1. Victoria, I am in heaven... Yours are just gorgeous!
    I only have two lilac bushes, and this year just as they were ready to burst open the heat hit hard.. Nothing since. They are fairly young bushes. About 5 or 6 years old.. Mine are out side my bedroom window.. It would have been wonderful.. There is always next year.
    Well, I will come visit these beautiful ones again.

  2. Oh, how glorious! I saw just the beginnings of bloom today on my only lilac -- how I'd love to bring inside great armfuls of blooms. Still, even one bloom is quite fragrant.


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