Friday, November 6, 2015

This N' That

Autumn mist rising from Lake Arrowhead, so pretty.  Cold though.  The lows have been in the low twenties for the past several nights, and the highs have been in the thirties and forties.  Some of the stores in the village already have their Christmas decorations up, ready to welcome the influx of Thanksgiving tourists. 
Lots of beautiful leaves flying about with the wind today.  Some of the dogwoods have already dropped their leaves and some only have a couple of red leaves in among the green.  The maples are mostly done, unless I can hunt up some down in Crestline. 
The trees that haven't dropped their leaves yet are like lanterns, lighting my way home through the forest as I come back from a walk in the too-early November twilight.  I hate the time change, whether in the autumn or spring. goes far too fast.  I miss the luxury of the abundance of time that it seemed like I had when I was young.  Ah, well...


  1. Love to listen to You talking about the Mountains I have always loved. Thank you : ) I should just move up there.....only if at least a few children would follow Me.

  2. I wish I could be there right now, it is already getting too hot here! Autumn is a melancholy season, but so beautiful!

  3. I don't like the time changes either... too abrupt. But I do love that photo of the bright golden tree set in among the dark green forest. It's been quite warm all week here, but today there's a nip in the air again reminding me the fall chores aren't quite finished up yet. Yes time does move faster as we get older and the seasons have all whipped by in a flash this year.

  4. How quickly the days pass as I grow ever older. It takes a serious effort to concentrate staying in that eternal Now.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

  5. The mist on the water is so very pretty. Haunting, yet soothing. And very "otherworldly".

    Lanterns lighting your way home through the forest...
    Sigh, you do live in a magical world, Victoria.


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