Friday, November 20, 2015


All the ferns have turned a beautiful pale gold, a sure sign that autumn is on her way out.  We haven't had the amount of rain I had hoped we would by this time, but the weather people say big rains are coming...maybe in January.  The Santa Ana winds are back, and nearly all of Southern California is under a red flag warning, which means extremely high wildfire danger.
There are little bits of color left here and there in the forest, while inside my house the annual chaotic transition from Halloween to Christmas is going on.  The garland is up around the living room ceiling, and the tree is up, but neither are decorated.  My collection of witches is still on the living room mantle, but they'll be leaving soon, while the autumn decorations in the dining room and kitchen will remain up until after the Thanksgiving dinner.  Every year I say the same thing: "I wish Thanksgiving was in October!"


  1. Those little isolated shots of color against the bare trees are spectacular!

  2. I dislike high, hot winds that tease potential fire.
    Our summer has arrived early, and as a result, the tinderbox undergrowth stays dangerously dry for longer this season. Strong winds from now on keep us, here too, on high alert.
    I'll be visualising a ring of protection around your magical mountain, Victoria, and thoughts of rain to keep the fire hazard minimal.

    That second photo is gorgeous! Pardon my Aussie ignorance, but are they Redwoods?
    That sweet maple is still showing off her autumn hues among them.

  3. They're California Incense Cedar trees, Vicki. They grow to around 200 feet in height and up to 15 feet in diameter, not quite as tall as redwoods or as "fat" as sequoias, but I think they're just as beautiful as both of the other species.

    I'm sad to hear that your summer has arrived early and that you, too, are on fire watch. Do you ever get rainy summers? If so, that's what I'm wishing for you.


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