Friday, April 22, 2016

Windy Weather

It was supposed to rain up here today, but the part of the storm with the rain in it stayed about 400 miles to the north...all we got were the horrible winds.
But, windy weather makes lovely blue skies. 
The baby oak leaves are losing their red and starting to get a bit of green around their edges. 
The wind doesn't seem to bother the birds, thank goodness.  This robin seemed to like the bobbing up and down the branch was doing in the wind...maybe it's like a carnival ride to them, as long as it isn't too strong. 

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  1. Good evening Victoria,
    You always capture such beautiful photos of nature. Windy here also...
    Thank you so much for sharing. Love the little Robin!

  2. love the colors in the blue sky and it is so pretty and lush looking there.

  3. Ah Victoria how beautiful . Just love seeing where you live. It looks so serene even if it was windy.


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