Monday, April 18, 2016

Lilac Love

I picked some lilacs for my studio...
Their scent is so wonderful.  I wish someone would make an air freshener spray that really smelled like lilacs. 
They looked so pretty in their little jugs and vases, I took their photos.  
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  1. Wow! Gorgeous header photo...and I love your beautiful lilacs!

  2. Oh they are so beautiful and I could almost smell their lovely aroma.

  3. Lucky you to have lilac bouquets. I love their sweet scent.

  4. Love, love, love lilacs, but unfortunately it's another of the flowers that will grow, but not bloom here. I've had one growing for years, with nary a bloom. But hope springs eternal.

  5. I wish they'd make a scent like lilacs too, Victoria! Yankee candle comes the closest! Thank you for sharing these beautiful blooms!

  6. Lilacs are pretty to see and to smell. I love your photos of the beautiful flowers.

  7. Ohhh loveley. Our lilacs are just starting to bloom. The color of these are so delicate.

    Lisa @ LTTL

  8. I can smell those lilacs just looking at them. Will you be painting them. It looks like you have inktense pencils. Have a few too but have not used them much. Looking at yours is inspiring me to get mine out. Hugs!


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