Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lovely Rain

Early this morning the clouds started rolling in.  These storms (there are supposed to be two, with rain lasting through Monday) are coming up from Mexico, so the snow level will be waaaay above where I live...yay!
The rain is so welcome here...we didn't get enough during this El Nino to end the drought here in the Southern California mountains.
The tulips will like it...
And, so will the lilacs.  They're blooming a month ahead of their usual time.  But, maybe that's good...if the weather decides to snow in May, like it did last year, the lilacs' blooms won't be harmed. It's raining lightly now, and I'm really looking forward to several days of rain!

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  1. A little drizzle is expected up here in NorCal too; although we got a good dousing during the first quarter, the rain is not enough.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  2. Beautiful photos Victoria! I wish my lilacs were doing as well as yours.. They are exquisite!

  3. You shared some very pretty flowers from our part of the country.

  4. Beautiful post. Hope we get more rain out of this storm!

  5. Beautiful flowers and fantastic photos !!

  6. Hello! Beautiful photos! We ve had too much rain which , of coarse became 5 uinches of snow last nite on my budding plants. The lilac is so beautiful! HPS!

  7. Oh Victoria - your photos are so lovely. I can smell those lilacs. Alas we got snow and think most of our flowering trees will not bloom in May. So cold after a warm March. Glad I can enjoy yours. Take care and have a wonderful week.


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