Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Weather

Yesterday, cherry trees were blooming...
Periwinkles were blooming...
Bees were buzzing around...
And the apple trees were loaded with blossoms.  Last night was a different story.  Horribly windy, rain, sleet, hail...I was surprised to see all the blossoms were still here this morning and there was just a very, very thin crust of snow on the roofs, but not on the trees or blossoms.  I thought the worst was over, as it had all mostly melted by early this afternoon.
But later this afternoon, the sky got very dark and it started to snow, and it's sticking to everything...trees, roads, and, sadly, the blossoms.
The weather people are saying there could be as much as 6 inches by tomorrow.  I sure hope they're wrong.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! The blossoms match the snow!

  2. Oh no, what a dirty trick! We had ice in the outdoor cat water bowls.....I just put away the heated ones! Stinks this cold snap. My bloodroot has stalled, probably a good thing. Beautiful little spring flowers. How are you feeling?

  3. This isn't pretty to watch. I worry so for those poor little flowers and bees! We are just getting some spring flowers coming up out of the ground, but the weather here is predicting snow again on Saturday and Monday. Incredible as today is 10C. I might just cover up some of my flowers as I hate to lose any (especially my iris).
    How are you doing these early days Victoria? I hope you are okay and that you are seeing the beautiful things in your days. Hugs,

  4. Dear Victoria sorry to see that snow and see your lovely flowers being covered. Spring is certainly teasing you friend. Stay safe and warm.

  5. Ohhh, so sad to see. The birds, bees and insects need the blossoms :(

    I hope your heartache is easing a little every day, dear Victoria.
    Sending warm, loving thoughts to you ♥

    ...and, thank you for your recent message - I kept it private xx


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