Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Saint Nicholas Day

I went out for a walk early this morning.  The air was wonderful, so crisp and cold, and lots of clouds were around.
I noticed many little cedar trees growing.  So cheering. The clouds quickly filled the sky, so I started for home.  It even sprinkled a little!
I'm still decorating our cottage and, as I placed this Santa on the mantel, I remembered today is the feast day of Saint Nicholas.  Saint Nicholas, or Nicholas of Myra, is the real-life man that the figure of Santa Claus is based on.  Nicholas inherited a great deal of wealth, but spent none of it on himself.  Instead, he used all of it for charitable acts.  One such act was giving dowry money to three young women so that they could be married, instead of being sold into prostitution by their despicable father.  He is the patron saint of the poor, children, women, sailors, glass makers, fire fighters, prostitutes, fishermen, scholars...just about everyone!

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