Friday, December 2, 2016


Horribly windy here today, but the winds make for a beautiful, bright blue sky.  Pretty cold, too, our high was only 36 F.  Good thing there were lulls in the blowing, otherwise these trees would be even more blurry than they are.  It's kind of scary to see a pine that's nearly 200 feet tall swaying in the wind like a little cedar sapling!

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  1. Hey, stay warm up there! I've been hearing about the winds, but I've been in San Diego for a couple days and not too windy here.

  2. Would love blue skies . . .we've have grey ones the past few days :-(

  3. Green trees and blue sky, this is what I like.

  4. Oh I love that clear blue sky. Wish ours would return but alas it is gray and cloudy here. So glad I could see yours.


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