Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chloe's Message to Vicki

We are NOT amused.


  1. The princess speaks. All bow down and worship....

    I can't let my cats see this photo of Chloe. The girls will want crowns of their own. :}

  2. Your Majesty~

    Pray accept my most humble apologies. Alas, the curious craft of the mystery writer leads, nay drives, Your humble servant down some unpleasant by ways.

    Do, at least, remain assured that none of the name of Cloe shall ever encounter harm.

    I am, yr. humble, devotd., etcetera,

    Vicki Lane

  3. Chloe says: We have decided to graciously accept your apology and thank you for your assurance that none by the name of Chloe shall ever be harmed.

    Her mom (slave/servant) says: Oh my gosh! Vicki, I'm laughing so hard at your reply that I have tears running down my face. You have a wonderful sense of humor, my friend!

  4. Susan, cats definitely have the attitude for crowns, don't they? Although my boy cats could care less...they just want to eat the crown when I try to get a picture of one of them wearing it. :-D But I think I'm going to have to buy Daisy and Betsy a little crown of their own because Chloe, sad to say, isn't very good at sharing.


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