Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just DO It!

That's what this red-headed fairy who flits around my painting area in my studio seems to be saying. I have a bad case of the Winter blahs (you can see all the snow on the roof of our garden shed behind her) and I don't want to do anything except blog a bit and curl up by the fire and read. I think my creativity has been buried under the snow. I slogged along the now icy path I've beaten down in the snow to my studio, got out my paints...and just sat there staring at them. Not a flicker of inspiration, let alone a spark of energy to actually do anything if inspiration had actually showed up. It's horribly windy outside and the sky is covered with fast-moving, heavily laden gray clouds that will, the weatherman says, slow down tonight and dump several more feet of snow on us. At least I can see a little green peeking out from under the snow on the branches of the hollies, ivy, pines and cedars. Oh, yawn. I'd fall asleep right now, but it's time to go fill the feeders (again!) for the birds and squirrels.

The squirrels love the baffle I put up to keep the feral cats that I feed from jumping up and snatching the Chickadees and other birds right off the ledge of the feeder. Well, maybe not so much in summer, but in winter it makes a handy perch for them. In summer, they just jump onto the roof and scoop up peanuts and black oil sunflower seed.


  1. It is horrid when our creative muse leaves us for a while - and however much you say to yourself "just do it" nothing happens.

    Hope she returns with the spring. :)
    Thank you for adding An Artist's Garden to your blog roll

  2. I hope she returns, too, Karen. I think she's probably off vacationing in some warm spot...I just wish she'd notify me before she leaves ;)

    And...you're welcome! :)


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