Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Today was such a welcome relief from the hot weather we've had lately. The air was cool and damp, with a welcome breeze and intermittently cloudy sky, although the clouds gifted us with only a few fat drops of rain.

This evening, since the humidity is high (87%) and the temperature has already dropped to 40 F, I lit fires in each fireplace. The cats love this and, after a bit of jostling for position because they have to share, they are sleeping contentedly on their favorite hearth.

I'm curled up in my wing chair by the living room fireplace, listening to the crackling of the wood and drinking a mug of Lady Grey tea. The windows are open, and I can smell the wonderful dampness in the air and hear the low murmuring of the creek. The leaves that have fallen scurry outside the open windows and the roof above, pushed by the little breeze. Their dry, sibilant whispering speaks of future cold days and nights to their sisters and brothers who haven't left the safety of the dogwoods, alders and oaks to take part in the wild dance of Autumn, while the pines and cedars seem to sigh with relief at the thought of the benediction of rain and snow.


  1. A beautiful picture and a lovely prose poem. May the rains come at last!

  2. Vicki, from your lips - er, fingers - to God/dess's ear! :-)


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