Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shadow Bumpnbiter

We named him that because, if he likes you, he likes to bump you with the top of his head. And if he really likes you, he'll give you gentle kitty bites. We also call him Shadow Padric, Chieftain of the Padding Paws Clan.

I think Vicki Lane's cat, Eddie, looks a lot like Shadow...or maybe it's vice versa. Although I'm quite sure if Shadow were ever face to beak with a wild turkey he'd faint. He gets nervous when the Jays land on top of the kitty play yard and yell at him. (Quite a few years ago we built a 16 ft. wide by 39 ft. long play yard for them because we have such a large coyote population, and it just isn't safe for them to roam on their own).

But his favorite thing to do is to "mother" his baby brother, Timothy. We saved Timothy from a Raccoon when he was about 5 weeks old. Shadow wanted to take care of Timothy from the first moment we brought him into the house. I'd never heard Shadow meow, chirp and trill like that until he saw Timothy. We always keep our new adoptions separate from our other cats until they're tested and cleared for various contagious diseases, and sometimes they have to endure a few days of our other cats being rude (I monitor them closely so they're not too rude) when they're first out with the rest of the gang. But not little Timothy! Shadow, who weighs 19 lbs., made it clear that Timothy was under his protection and they've been best buddies ever since.


  1. Shadow certainly does look like Eddie. Eddie is a licker too -- every morning he very industriously cleans the red hound Maggie's face. He would love to lick Miss Susie Hutchins, our other cat, as well but she's not accommodating.

  2. That's so sweet that Maggie lets Eddie clean her face.

    Chloe Rose used to lick my face and I would jokingly tell her that she could give facials because her tongue was like a little loofah!


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