Friday, September 4, 2009

La Luna

La Luna a little over a week ago
And tonight...La Luna in her full glory. There wasn't any haze

in the air when I took the first photo, but tonight is pretty hazy due to the smoke from the big fire near Los Angeles.
But whether she is seen through clear or hazy air, I think La Luna is always beautiful.
When I was a very little girl, I used to think that the moon sparkles on the lake would hold me up if I could just manage to step on them in exactly the right way. I had a rule, though, that if the first step onto a sparkle didn't hold me up there was no use in going further; the magic just wasn't going to work that night. Thank goodness there was one part of my mind that had a tiny shred of practicality!


  1. Beautiful photos! And I love the idea of walking the moon path.


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