Thursday, September 24, 2009

Close Encounters

I was out in the back garden this afternoon when I noticed this beautiful butterfly, a California Sister (thanks, Miss Vicki), perched on a Dogwood leaf right next to some Dogwood berries.

Of course, I didn't have either one of my cameras with me. I rushed back into the house and grabbed one, all the while thinking that I was rushing for nothing because the butterfly would surely be gone when I got back.
Amazingly, she was still there! I usually have a really hard time photographing insects because they just don't stay still long enough. But it was almost like this one was posing for me.

I had never realized how scary-looking butterfly faces are until this one turned to look right at me. I gasped (stupidly) and she flew away. And maybe she was thinking:

"Eeeeek! Those humans are really scary-looking! And why do they only have one, giant, round eye?!"
Anyway, I still think their wings are beautiful...


  1. What a beauty! We don't have those here. My butterfly book tell me she's a California Sister.

  2. Thanks Vicki, I didn't know the name. The only butterfly name I can ever remember is the Swallowtail...because of the shape of its wings.


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