Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mrs. and Mr. Mallard

I've been seeing this female Mallard for about a week now, floating around on the creek.  Yesterday she was joined by a male.

I just hope they're not planning on having a family on the banks of this stretch of the creek.  There are so many Raccoons and feral cats around I don't think any duck babies would have a chance of making it.   Hopefully they'll move on soon.


  1. I'm the same way when I see the occasional duck on our pond -- plus we have snapping turtles.

  2. Thank goodness, snapping turtles are one predator that our ducks don't have to worry about!

  3. Fingers crossed. I saw this morning that a woodpecker has discovered the blue tit nest box. In the wild, woodpeckers are the major predator of tit eggs and fledglings. But they're also very shy of humans, so I'm hoping the close proximity to the house will save the day.

  4. Oh no, JJ! I hope that woodpecker is kept away from the blue tit nest by your presence. Fingers crossed here, too.


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